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We live in a society

Isn't he the frickin cutest


Bee themed super girl

What more could you possibly want

Pride spooders for spooky month! Feel free to use the as icons or whatever, but please credit me if you do

Eden is a dedicated roleplay server that follows the conflict between a corrupt cooperation and the citizens it victimizes. Superhumans, sometimes refered to as monsters or mutants, have been disappearing from their homes, jobs, and the once-safe streets of New Port never to be seen or heard from again.

Our server is small and primarily focuses on the interpersonal conflicts of the characters within. We'd love to have you join with your own OCS, or even just to hang out and chat about life.

New phone time brothers

starrieskies -

maybe i shouldnt have started drawing while watching videos bc now i feel unproductive if i dont do something while watching a video :(

darviandirk -

I felt that

When i watch videos I'm like

Drawing, eating dinner, and having a convo online at the same time